Dr. Melissa S. Jones is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Brigham Young University. She offers expertise in the fields of criminology, gender, family, and general sociology. Her research focuses on gender, crime and deviance, child adversity, intimate partner violence, incarcerated women, and the impact of both trauma and abuse on criminal behaviors. Melissa is particularly interested in bringing awareness to the difficulties that incarcerated women experience both in and out of prison. Her recent research is focused on developing theoretical explanations of criminal behaviors among women prisoners. Her research has been published and accepted in distinguished criminology and family journals, such as Justice Quarterly, Women & Criminal Justice, Violence and Victims, and Child Abuse & Neglect.

Melissa has served the discipline in a variety of capacities, including serving as a Mentor in the Dr. Rasche Mentoring Program in the Division of Women and Crime, a Student Advisory Board member for the journal of Social Problems and a Program Assistant for the American Society of Criminology.